Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too Love or Not Too Love?

Its funny sometimes I look at myself and have to wonder. "Do I really want to be in love or be loved?" I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy the great nights, going out to dinner and fabulous gifts showered upon me but, I mean do you have to be in love with a person to be loved by a person?

I really sat and thought about this over the weekend, as I was relaxing at a very nice SPA and not with the girls this time but, with that supposed special person.  He hasn't said the big "L" word yet and I'm hoping that he doesn't because, I'm enjoying my time with him now.  Does it make a woman less attractive if she doesn't want to be in love and have the house, kids and a dog? Do you think guy's think less of the girl they are with if she has no real intentions of ever making him a Mr. to her Mrs.?  I hope not because it would be sad if ever guy you met or went out with had the plan of taking you home to mom and putting a ring on it (Thank a whole hell of a lot Ms. Beyonce).

I think its wonderful for the ladies that want to be in love and to  grow as a couple but, for some of us, single life is the challenge and lover of a lifetime! I haven't told my special someone yet how I feel about this whole marriage thing and commitment of sorts but, when the conversation comes up, oh and trust me you know it will come up.  I'll be ready and you will be the first ones to know.

For now I will love my little gifts the special little moments and the time we spend, but other than that this Socialista has no time or want to be in Love so I select Not too love!!

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