Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too Love or Not Too Love?

Its funny sometimes I look at myself and have to wonder. "Do I really want to be in love or be loved?" I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy the great nights, going out to dinner and fabulous gifts showered upon me but, I mean do you have to be in love with a person to be loved by a person?

I really sat and thought about this over the weekend, as I was relaxing at a very nice SPA and not with the girls this time but, with that supposed special person.  He hasn't said the big "L" word yet and I'm hoping that he doesn't because, I'm enjoying my time with him now.  Does it make a woman less attractive if she doesn't want to be in love and have the house, kids and a dog? Do you think guy's think less of the girl they are with if she has no real intentions of ever making him a Mr. to her Mrs.?  I hope not because it would be sad if ever guy you met or went out with had the plan of taking you home to mom and putting a ring on it (Thank a whole hell of a lot Ms. Beyonce).

I think its wonderful for the ladies that want to be in love and to  grow as a couple but, for some of us, single life is the challenge and lover of a lifetime! I haven't told my special someone yet how I feel about this whole marriage thing and commitment of sorts but, when the conversation comes up, oh and trust me you know it will come up.  I'll be ready and you will be the first ones to know.

For now I will love my little gifts the special little moments and the time we spend, but other than that this Socialista has no time or want to be in Love so I select Not too love!!

Until next time this is:
Views of a Socialista

Monday, June 6, 2011

Board and Romantically Challenged

I know I know!! Whatever happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas! Well, guess what not on this Socialistas weekender!! Myself and four of my faves headed to Vegas this weekend for just some fun and whatever else came our way.  We stayed at the lovely Wynn Hotel and as always they showed us a beautiful time

The room was very nice and the view was even better. 

Anyway, we met up with a few other friends of ours and our one girlfriend has been in a relationship for about 4 years, and she tells us that she is Board in her relationship and that he is just romantically challenged.  He never does anything surprising or just grabs her and just kisses her for no reason. Then she tell us that she always initiates them having sex!! Yes I know your mouth just popped open! Once we all stopped being in shock the 100 questions started then the next 88 started.  I just had to know was he this way when they were dating?  (Side Note: I know he wasn't, because I remember how many dates she missed with me because, they had an afternoon meet up)

No he actually was very exciting and such a take charge of our romance and never could keep his hands off of me.  Then, She gave us this very juicy story about a trip to his families home and we all were blushing when she was done. It started me thinking on my way back home from Vegas, would a man do just about anything to get you? Then once they have you, they stop even trying to impress you?  When did it become okay for him to become boring and romantically challenged?  Why hasn't she left him or at least found outside entertainment?  My mind was racing and I couldn't wait to get home and have this great talk with her.

She stated to me "You fall in love with this person and you have now invested so much time and effort into the relationship that you just don't want to call it off".  I said "well you would rather be board, upset, need Botox, a few drinks and a great vibrator to just keep your sanity?" After a little chuckle between the two of us she said "You know I think you become afraid that no one else will want you and that you wouldn't find a person who would love you."  I'm sorry right about now I threw up a little bit in my mouth because, that is some sort of mind game that this jerk has put on her and made her think she would or couldn't be loved like he does.. HELLO BREAKING NEWS!! HE ISN'T GIVING IT TO YOU LIKE HE USE TO!! As I was walking down the street to my car, my mind just kept thinking about this subject.  Is it okay just to settle so you can have a replica of a great relationship but, in all honesty it's all just smoke and mirrors.

Why do we as women, do this to ourselves and think it's okay.  When do we stop the rat race and the pure fakery of it all and say hey look I'm not really feeling how you don't excite me any longer, and that you don't treat me the way you use to. I deserve to be treated and loved the way you use to and damn it if you can't just leave me alone!!  I feel as a woman, I can have the best of both worlds and not be sorry about it!! If I want a guy who is exciting and challenging and spontaneous. and he just better stay that way even after he gets me or he might as well kiss this sweet thing good bye!!

Ladies don't give up your power make your guy work even harder to keep you.  Keep your sexy or the it factor that you had when he met you. Never let him get overly comfortable, because Once you let go of your power you'll start getting Board and Romantically challenged by your boyfriend/husband and then he will expect you to just except what he is settling into which is NOTHING.

This is Views of a Socialista!
Can't wait until we get together again!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello & Welcome!

Hello Loves,
Thank you for joining me here at Views of a Socialista.  This is my very first time in doing something like this so you can still smell the new blog smell on here.  I really hope you all enjoy it and remember this is just my view point and topics that myself and my girlfriends enjoy over some of the best dinners, travels and events!

Sit back and enjoy and I cannot wait to hear your viewpoints on great topics!!

From Views of a Socialista

Do Married Women Feel Threaten by Single Ladies?

Its very funny that this subject came up the other night with some of my girlfriends.  See we have a friend of ours that just got married about 21/2 years ago, and we don't really see her that often and she doesn't always invite us to her little parties.  This raised a very great debate over a wonderful glass of Bordeaux at the Fountain which is located in the Four Seasons!! Do Married women feel threatened by us single girls?  One of my girlfriends is under the impression that they don't feel threaten by us, they feel as if we are going to hit on their husbands or sleep with them.. That brought a slight laugh around the table because, all of us stated they married this person not us and we still haven't figured out other than his bank account what exactly she saw in him.
The other thing is; do you think they still secretly want and would love to be single still, traveling the world and dating whomever and not having to feel obligated to tell them how great they are or where they are?  I think that most married woman stop knowing exactly who they are and what they really want, it becomes part of the married ball and chain addiction of I'm Mrs. So&So on the upper East side and I No long have my own identity or life..

I asked this question of one of my married girlfriends and I use the term "girlfriend" loosely.  She stated: "many times once you get married you don't have as much in common with your single girlfriends as you use to."  I asked well did they stop being the person(s) that you use to associate with or shop with?  She stated: "no, but our thinking (meaning married women and single women) is now different where your looking to hook the great guy, and we have already been there and done that.  It's this simply you ladies think of everything as a game of sorts and who can have the best story to tell over Martini's and lunch.  The other side of the coin is, we don't want you to know about our mates and what they are great at because secretly you'll want to see if it is true or not."  Okay, Let me just tell you I think my Gucci handbag hit the floor along with my chin.. (By the way isn't my handbag just to die for)
I couldn't believe my ears on what she was saying to me, so in all actuality she just confirmed exactly what we "Single" ladies thought, they are threaten by us and they worry that we want their guys.. News Flash Married Ladies!! Yes there are some women that are just bent on getting the married guy with the wife, kids, dog and all that so they can gain from it but, most of us single ladies don't want sloppy left overs.  I don't take them home at a restaurant and I surely don't plan on taking home your nasty, sloppy seconds!!  
Whatever the case is for your girlfriend(s), who are now married and treating you and your girls like you have some sort of plague, don't worry about it because once she sees that you all have no intention of taking or sleeping with her husband, she'll come running back to you all, because she won't see the blind side when the Nanny, her married girlfriend or Secretary is climbing in bed with him and she's now left holding a messed up hand of cards.

This is the Views of a Socialista
Cannot wait until our next get together!!